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Mar 2000 agenda

Hi Everybody,

Attached is Sunday's agenda.   Plz e-mail me for changes, additions, etc.

Thanks, Kathe

HPD Investment Group LP
Meeting Agenda

26 March 2000 - 5:30 PM

Al's house  (703/ 802-3772 or 815-8175)
5852 Orchard Hill Ct, Fairfax, VA  20124

Approval of Minutes 
from 13 Feb 2000 - additions, corrections

Standing Reports
Treasurer's Report - balance and holdings 
Current Holdings reports - comments, additions, corrections

Old Business
Joe to explain Ameritrade's definition of the word "dividend"
Audit form  
Brokerage changeover to AMEX 

New Business
Mike's withdrawal 
Annual reports due this month: 
		Feb:	AZA (Gary) 		PZZA ( ????)  
		Mar:	HD (Jim)		SFD (Sean)		WHC
Portfolio evaluation, diversification (Nancy?)
Industry/ stock research presentations (fuel cells, biotech, semiconductors,
Purchase decisions
Checks to Nancy
Next meeting time and place