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Treasurer's Report, March 2000



The March valuation statement and complete valuation unit ledger are online at:


We're 95.4% invested in stocks, with a portfolio worth $67,087.27.  Our cash holdings are $3,265.15 ($2,262.95 in Ameritrade, $1,002.20 in Presidential).  Valuation units are worth $25.198.  Mike's 198.875 units are worth $5,011.33.  We'll need to discuss at the meeting how to get the cash to pay him out.  If we sell some stock, there will be capital gains to consider.  (Capital losses on THI would offset some gains from another stock, hint, hint.)  Alternatively, we may choose to pay Mike in stock.  Ameritrade charges $15 per certificate, and may charge an additional $15 for "special registration" (although I don't know what that means).


By now, you all should have received a Form 1065 K-1 reporting your share of the club's capital gains, dividends, and interest.  I filed the IRS's copy today, after finishing the itemized expense list and Schedule D.  Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you haven't received your form.

Ameritrade's Accounting

I spent an hour or so formulating the question for Ameritrade, including numbers for the mis-assigned capital gains from partial shares of stock, and the missing dividend from Vodafone.  I submitted the question through Ameritrade's web browser interface.  They never responded.  In retrospect, I should have sent it as a regular email so I could have kept a copy.  But I didn't, and I haven't had time to reconstruct the details and follow up.

I'm not sure what good would come of it, in any case.  Ameritrade certainly won't change their accounting methods just for us.  And if we changed ours to agree with them, we'd be wrong.

I think we've spent enough time on this issue, and should drop it.  Our accounting, using the NAIC Club Accounting software, is complete and correct.  I filed a Schedule D for the capital gains that Ameritrade missed, reporting the sale of 1/2 share each of DG, ORCL, and VOD, and 0.28 shares of MCK.  In every category (short- and long-term capital gains, interest, and dividends) we reported amounts greater than or equal to Ameritrade's numbers.  The IRS would have no reason to penalize us, if they even notice the discrepency.

Your weary but loyal treasurer,