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Bio-Techs next month.

For a variety of reasons, I'm thinking of revisiting BioTechs next
month, instead of this month (as I had promised).

Since Mike Hughes wants to be paid in quarters, we almost certainly
will not be buying for a while. We may have to sell something, and I
suspect we'll be devoting a chunk of Sunday to determining if we need
to sell, and which stocks.

Also, BioTechs climbed out of their nicely discounted range in the
last two weeks, so the time-sensitive, bargain price incentive is
gone. And lastly, Valueline will be updating the entire sector in
about three weeks. I'll be able to present newer data at the May
meeting. I think it makes sense to wait.

Gary and I will be attending the AES quarterly meeting the morning of
Tuesday, 18-April-00. I've never been to one, so I thought it might
be an education (although I'm told it's rather boring). If anyone
else is interested, (especially if you hold any AES on your own) let
me know.


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