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reports on UPS - APA - WHC

1. Report on Wackenhut Corrections Corporation  (WHC)
April 13, 2000
TO:  HPD Investment Group
FR:  Nancy Montague
For  April meeting

1. (market price/share as of close of market, 4/12/00 - $8.5)
Shares owned:  105
Market price:   $892.5
Cost basis:        $1730.13  ($16.48/share, averaged for two separate
purchases plus commissions)

2. Research - 4 Strong Buy; 4 moderate buy  (unchanged from last month)

3	Note:  I still can't do an annual report on Wackenhut corrections -
the 10K they filed with the SEC doesn't seem to have financials.  Presumably
they're under another category.  But I don't have the info I need to do an
analyzer.  Off the cuff - they're in the toilet and it doesn't look good.

4	Press - 

	I already circulated the big story.  The government may intervene at
their Louisiana facility.  
As part of the annual report, I'll look at the other companies in this
sector - I don't think anyone is doing well in light of the difficulties the
industry has been having.

Report on Apache Corporation (APA) -- April 13, 2000
TO:  HPD Investment Group         
FR:  Nancy Montague, For April meeting

1.  (market price/share as of close of market, 4/12/00 - $50)
Shares owned:  22
Market value:   $1100
Cost basis:        $774     ($35.19/share, inc. commission)
Percent gain:   42

2.	 Research - 15 Strong Buy; 8 moderate buy; 5 hold  -- As you all
know, the price of oil is still very high.  OPEC is standing mostly firm,
while making some conciliatory gestures.  It hasn't cracked yet. 
A.	Company Press Release -- SOURCE: Apache Corporation 
Additional Testing Doubles Apache Egypt Discovery Results to 49.4 MMcf of
Gas And 4,051 Bbls of Condensate Per Day
HOUSTON, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Apache Corporation reported today that
testing of additional zones in the Alam el Bueib (AEB) formation of its
Akik-1X discovery on Egypt's West Mediterranean Concession has more than
doubled the well's combined flow rate to 49.4 million cubic feet (MMcf) of
gas and 4,051 barrels of condensate per day. 

Report on United Parcel Service (UPS)
April 13, 2000
TO:  HPD Investment Group
FR:  Nancy Montague
For  April meeting

1. (market price/share as of close of market, 4/12/00 - $61.5)
Shares owned: 32 @ Market price:   $1968  [purchased March 27]
Cost basis:    [ original price 63 ¼ ea] $2024 + $8 commission = $2032 =
$63.5 each
Percent loss:  not meaningful after 2 weeks - 3%

2. Research - 0 Strong Buy; 7 moderate buy   7 Hold

	A. Wednesday April 12, 12:18 Company Press Release
UPS Extends Small Business Solutions With Computer Lease, Purchase Options
Quick Turnaround, Multiple Choices
ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 12, 2000-- Access to the latest technology
is a critical issue for every business, but often it can be perceived by
small businesses as too expensive. UPS today announced a new computer
purchase/lease program that provides small businesses fast and
cost-effective options for either the lease or purchase of new personal
In an industry first, UPS has partnered with four major computer
manufacturers -- Compaq®, Dell®, Gateway® and IBM® -- to create the UPS
Online® Advantage program. 

	B. Tuesday April 11, 10:37 am Eastern Time Company Press Release
Raytheon and UPS Logistics Group Team Awarded $96.8 Million to Provide
Phalanx Parts and Services to the U.S. Navy
LOUISVILLE, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 11, 2000--Under a five-year contract
valued at $96.8 million, Raytheon Company with United Parcel Service's UPS
Logistics Group, will provide Phalanx Close-In Weapon System parts and
services to the U.S. Navy under the Navy's Inventory Control Point Direct
Vendor Delivery (DVD) initiative. 
This is the first DVD initiative to provide the full range of services
envisioned by the Navy when it first proposed the DVD concept to industry.
The work conducted under this contract will be performed at Raytheon's
Missile Systems facility and at the UPS Logistics and Technology Center,
both in Louisville

C. UPS takes 5.5 pct stake in Singapore Airocean
SINGAPORE, April 7 (Reuters) - The world's largest package delivery company,
United Parcel Service Inc, will take a 5.5 percent stake in Singapore air
cargo firm Airocean Group Ltd, when it starts trading on Wednesday, a
statement said on Friday. 
UPS will buy 4.3 million new shares at S$0.135 each, representing 10 percent
of the placement tranche of Airocean's initial public offering of 78 million
Under the agreement UPS, which has a market capitalisation of US$70 billion,
would have the option to appoint one member of Airocean's board of
Other terms include that Airocean cannot enter strategic relationships with
UPS competitors and provide forwarding or logistics services in certain

D.  Friday March 31, 12:35 pm Eastern Time -- UPS Agrees To Create 4,000
ATLANTA (AP) -- United Parcel Service has agreed to create 4,000 new
full-time jobs this spring, ending its dispute with the Teamsters union over
a 1997 contract.