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Vodafone Report 4/13/00

Name:              Vodafone AirTouch Public ADS
Stock Symbol:      VOD
Shares Held:       65
Date Purchased:    5/5/98
Purchase Price:    $17.792 (adjusted for split)
Currently Trading: $52  @ Close 4/13/00
Percentage Gain:   192.26%
Annualized Gain  100.31%  (held 23 months)
Broker Recommendations
   Strong Buy     4 
   Buy            4 
   Hold           1 
   Sell           0
   Strong Sell    0
   Consensus   1.61 (1=Strong Buy, 5=Strong Sell)
-= Vodafone News =-
Bidding for the new mobile licenses in Britain and the rest of Europe are continuing.  They are now in round 124, I have no idea how many rounds there will be.
Vodafone Hungary has selected Panafon Services, a subsidiary of Panafon (I.PHT, news, msgs), to supply billing services to their Hungarian operations.
European Union has conditionally approved the acquisition of Mannesmann by Vodafone AirTouch
The Verizon Wireless venture of Bell Atlantic and Vodafone is now in place and currently has 24 million users.