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Dollar General & RHI & Minutes

Minutes from meeting 4-16-2000

Waived reading of last month's minutes.

Kathe apologized for not getting the Amex rollover done. She said she will
get it done by next month's meeting.

Established the Mike buy out process to be 4 equal installments of 25%
percent a month for the next four months.

We are to evaluate our stocks for a seller. We are looking to possibly do
some restructuring with some of our overwhelming Cisco.

Sean said Smithfield had a bad year last year in his annual report. He
says that he recommends we hold. A lot of reasons they had a bad year was
based on a hurricane.

Jim said in his Home Depot annual report that we should at least hold and
maybe buy more.

Next month's annual report due is Wackenhut.

Greg presented Checkpoint to the club. We purchased $2,200. They make a
product called VPN-1 which is a s/w (or h/w - you can buy an accelerator
card) encryption method to allow for a virtual private network. They also
have several other internet security type solutions/products.

We are considering buying more Dell.

I mentioned that I had recently done the stock analyzers for Dollar
General and for Robert Half International. I also said that based on those
stock analyzers that we may want to think about dumping dollar general and
buying more RHI.

Next meeting time and place is May 21st at greg's house.

Remember to add $14.00 to your check next month for NAIC membership dues.

That's about it. Let me know if I forgot anything.

P.S. Monday's finish RHI:+ 4.81% DG:- 3.36%