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Still no CHKP

We're still waiting for Ameritrade to post the $2,000 deposit to our
brokerage account.  Fortunately, CHKP hasn't shot through the roof since
our meeting.

I understand from speaking to Datek that the brokerages have been
swamped in the last week or so.  There's the usual last-minute IRA
funding that happens at tax time, which this year came at the same time
as a lot of margin calls.  When the market took a dive, a lot of traders
didn't have enough equity in their account to meet the margin
requirements, so they got a margin call to send in a check.  Some didn't
have the money, and the brokerages had to have their staff sell off
positions, which caused further backups.

I'm still checking the account every day, and will buy as soon as we
have the funds available.