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Lucent Report 5/17/00

Name:               Lucent Technologies
Stock Symbol:       LU
Shares Held:        44
Date Purchased:     10/18/99
Purchase Price:     $57.92
Currently Trading:  $59.625 close on 05/17/00
Percentage Gain   2.94%
Annualized Gain:    1.47% (held 6 months)
Broker Recommendations
   Strong Buy    13 
   Buy           13 
   Hold          10 
   Sell           0
   Strong Sell    0
   Consensus   1.85  (1=Strong Buy, 5=Strong Sell)
-= Lucent Technologies News =-
White Electronic Designs Corp. (WHT) received another continuation order, worth $3.8 million, for Lucent Technologies Inc.'s (LU) Wide-Area Network platforms.
Lucent Selects Vignette to Power Customer Portal:  Vignette Corporation (Nasdaq: VIGN, news, msgs), the leading supplier of e-business applications, announced that its software has been selected by Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) to power a new customer portal for their Service Provider Networks (SPN).
Lucent will spin off the Enterprise Network Group.  The Enterprise Networks Group is a leading provider of communications and networking technology for businesses, with a customer base that includes 90 percent of the Fortune 500 and will itself be a Fortune 250 company.
Lucent Technologies is the leader in public network reliability, according to analysis of the latest Federal data on service quality, with roughly 20 times better results than the other three major network suppliers.  Results issued last month showed Lucent's 5ESS(R) Switch had only 10 seconds of attributable downtime per switch, per year which equates to 99.9999% uptime.  In telecom speak that is six 9s of uptime and is outstanding and equates to less than 30 seconds downtime a year.