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Treasurer's Report May 2000

Valuation Statment:

Individual Valuation Units Ledger:

Valuation units are worth $20.655, down from $21.107 last month.  Our
stock portfolio is worth $58,508 this month, up from $57,580 last month.
That's misleading, though, because we spent $2149 on Check Point.

We have $362.81 cash available in Presidential, and $0.99 in Ameritrade.
This month, we need to send a check to Mike Hughes for $1049.39, and one
to NAIC for $152.  We've been averaging $900 - $1,200 per meeting in
contributions, so that should work out, although it won't leave us much
to buy stocks with.

The $3,148.18 we owe Mike Hughes is shown in the "Suspense" account,
which is why the total cash appears to be negative $2,784.38.

Bivio has now added a complete data export function, which eases my
concerns about getting "locked in" to their system by starting to do all
the club's accounting with it.  Unfortunately, the NAIC Club Accounting
software won't import Bivio's XML export files.  I will probably switch
things over in the next month anyway, because Bivio allows you to assign
fees (like the Better Investing subscriptions) to individual members,
while the NAIC's software does not.