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For anyone else who is sitting on the edge of the pool of internet investing -- possible broker? Nancy

Hi everyone: 
For your information.
I am not recommending these online brokers -- I haven't investigated them
yet.  I thought I'd share the preliminary info with you.  I'm thinking it
may be time for me to get my feet wet ...
I actually saw one broker mentioned in an article (on how people lost a lot
of money in margin calls in the falling market) that has totally free
I found the reference (from June 1, Washington Post article):
"Brokerage firms charge 8 percent to 10 percent in interest on margin
accounts. That money accounted for about 20 percent of total revenue for
online brokerage firms during the past six months, according to the SIA. And
now, new online firms that do not charge a service fee for trades, such as
FreeTrade.com, a subsidiary of Ameritrade Holding Corp., hope to make all
their money on margin interest and online advertising."

(This came from the Motley Fool site).
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Have a nice weekend, all.

Nancy Montague