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Dell Report

Dell Report

Shares Held: 24
Date Purchased:  11/14/99
HPD paid:   41.90 per share; $1,005.50
Currently Trading: $49.31  (6/21/2K)
Percentage Gain: 17.68%
Annualized Return: 30.31%

Broker Recommendations:
   Strong Buy     19
   Buy                  8
   Hold                3
   Sell                  0
   Strong Sell       0
   Consensus   1.40

Dell shows Web music receiver  10:48 AM ET Jun 21, 2000

Dell (DELL: news, msgs) today announced a digital audio receiver
intended for home use to enable listeners to hear music stored on a PC
in any room of the home. Dell will demonstrate the device for the first
time during PC Expo in New York next Monday. The Dell Digital Audio
Receiver supports MP3 and Microsoft Windows Media Audio files. It
uses phone lines to distribute the audio. The receiver will cost $199

when bundled with a new Dell Dimension computer system, or $249 as an
add-on stand-alone unit.

10:19 AM ET Jun 21, 2000
Shares of Dell Computer (DELL), which announced a Linux
initiative Tuesday, rose 9/16 49 1/8.