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CSCO Report, June 2000

Name: Cisco Systems, Inc.
Symbol: CSCO
Shares Held: 328
Date Purchased: 9-Dec-1996
HPD Paid: $7.5878 (split adjusted)
Currently Trading: $64 9/16
Percentage Gain: 750.87%
Annualized Return: 83.19%

Broker Recommendations:
   Strong Buy     25
   Moderate Buy   12
   Hold            1
   Moderate Sell   0
   Strong Sell     0

   Consensus      1.28 (1=Strong Buy, 5=Strong Sell)
I love this company, but I don't know how to write a report on it.  CSCO has about 20 headlines per day on Yahoo!  Most of them are general market reports, since CSCO is such a large company and widely-held stock.  It's hard to find the actual company news with such a low signal-to-noise ratio.  I'll try to find some sites that track actual CSCO news for next month's report.
I will note that CSCO now represents 1/3 of our portfolio, more than triple our next-largest investment.  It also has a P/E ratio of 191.  We've had a $20,000 return on a $2,500 investment, which is great.  But some rebalancing might be in order, just so our club's fortunes aren't so closely tied to one company.