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MCK status report June 2000

McKesson HBOC status:

Shares Held: 		16
Date Purchased:	13 Jan 99 (merger with HBOC)
HPD paid:   		$ 74.0569 (average)
Currently Trading: 	$ 20 1/8  @ 2:43 pm EST, 23-June 2000 
Gain/ Loss:	 	-72.826 % 
Ann. Return/ Loss:	-59.44 % (using the merger date)

Broker Recommendations:  (slightly gaining in broker confidence)
   Strong Buy   		4
   Moderate Buy    	3
   Hold           		9
   Moderate Sell   	0
   Strong          		0

In the news...

McKesson continues its attempt to loom above the financial scandals of last
year with yet another new business division.  This new one, iMcKesson will
form an online health-care unit which will allow doctors access to real time
info to verify insurance eligibility, prescribe medication, order lab tests
and perform a range of other medical and administrative tasks.  Presently,
most of these functions are paper-based transactions in 90% of the time for
clinical biz & 60% for financial and admin tasks.  
..other MCK service divisions include:  supply management, information
technology, automation and pharmaceutical services businesses, and
electronic commerce.  

- A dividend payment of .06 is scheduled for 3 July
- The annual report was just released 13 Jun but I haven't had a chance to
review yet.  

See ya next month,