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MCK status report July 2000

McKesson HBOC status:

Shares Held: 		16
Date Purchased:	13 Jan 99 (merger with HBOC)
HPD paid:   		$ 74.0569 (average)
Currently Trading: 	$ 24 15/16  @ 3:36 pm EST, 19 July 2000 
Gain/ Loss:	 	-66.35 % 
Ann. Return/ Loss:	-51.25 % (using the merger date)

Broker Recommendations:  (slightly gaining in broker confidence)
   Strong Buy   		5
   Moderate Buy    	4
   Hold           		9
   Moderate Sell   	0
   Strong          		0

   Mean =                     2.17 (where 1 = buy and 5 = sell).  This is up
from 3 mos ago when the mean was 2.57.

In the news...

MCK appears to slowly creeping back into favor with top analysts.  

The Wall Street Transcript Publishes Analyst Comments on McKesson HBOC in
Drug & Medical Supply Distributors Issue

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 19, 2000--Three leading analysts and top
management from twenty-five sector firms examine the Drug & Medical Supply
Distributors in the latest issue of The Wall Street Transcript.  

In a vital review of this sector for investors and industry professionals,
this valuable 110-page Special Issue features: 

1) Drug & Medical Supply Distributors - In an in-depth (11,100 words)
Analyst Roundtable, Glen Santangelo, Analyst at Salomon Smith Barney, Seth
Teich, Vice President of Healthcare Equity Research at First Union
Securities, Leonard Yaffe, Managing Director at Banc of America Securities,
examine the outlook for the sector, including internet strategies, industry
consolidation, internet pharmacies, and share specific stock

Santangelo highlights McKesson HBOC (NYSE:MCK - news), ``Their supply
management business represents over 90% of this company's operating profit;
we have started to see signs that this business is firming and I believe
there could be a lot of earnings leverage on the upside if they can continue
to improve margins like we think they can. So if there is one stock that we
think has the potential to surprise on the upside it would be McKesson

See ya Sunday,

Cheers, Kathe