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Staples Report

Staples Report

Shares Held: 109
Date Purchased:  09/09/99
HPD paid:   $27.60 per share; $3,008.81
Currently Trading: $15.44 (7/19/2K)
Percentage Gain: -44.06%
Annualized Return: -48.07%

Broker Recommendations:
   Strong Buy     8
   Buy                6
   Hold              3
   Sell                0
   Strong Sell     0
   Consensus  1.65

 Staples to offer GoAmerica's wireless products.  Thus being the first
office superstore to offer a full array of wireless internet solutions.

I read another article a few days ago about the trials of trying to
the internet via dial-up from a hotel.  It boiled down to being very
Wireless was this writers answer.  It allows you reliable access at a

Staples using Manugistics Intelligent Purchasing Solution (software?)
to "improve the flow of supply chain information within our purchasing
network."   Apparently Staples worked with Manugistics before to reduce
transportation costs.