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HDI, not to be confused with HD

Hi All,

Check out this Foolish article identifying Harley-Davidson as one of the
best-kept secrets on Wall Street!   I guess the secret's out now, but maybe
we should take the hog SSG out for another spin anyhow.      


FYI, I read yesterday that the House (overwhelmingly) approved a bill that
would increase the percentage of contributions to retirement plans.
Contributions to Roth IRAs would be increased from 2k to 5k, phased in at
$1000 per year.  So beginning in 2001 the max we can contribute would be
$3000, then 4K in 2002, then 5k in 2003.  There's also a proposed "catch-up"
plan for those in the 50 plus age group to allow the 5k increase starting in
2001.  Also, beginning in 2005, contributions to 401K plans were increased
to a maximum of 15k (vs the 10.5 currently allowed).  ...hmm, wish they'd
approve some part of that increase for 2001.  

See ya Sunday.