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Treasurer's Report July 2000

Our stock portfolio is worth $69,839.98, and valuation units are
$24.736749.  We have $172.02 in Presidential, and $22.93 in Ameritrade,
for $194.95 total cash.  We owe Mike one final payment of $1049.39,
which we should be able to pay out of this month's contributions.

The web site at Bivio (http://www.bivio.com/hpd/) is up to date, so
detailed reports can be gotten there.  (Not everybody was able to use
the report link I sent out last month, so I'm working on a page on the
woodland site that will have links to reports.  Meanwhile, you can go to
Bivio, click Accounting, then Reports, then get a Valuation Report for
today, 7/23/2000.)

Talk to you all soon,