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Fool.com: A Duel Over Lucent (Dueling Fools) August 2, 2000

Title: Fool.com: A Duel Over Lucent (Dueling Fools) August 2, 2000
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Trans Lucent
Lucent Price (8/1/00): $44 3/4

Where to now, Lucent (NYSE: LU)? The AT&T (NYSE: T) spin-off has been having a rough time lately. What will the future hold for the inventor of the touch tone?

Not all Fools agree. Paul Commins (TMF Buster) is bullish on the company going forward while Chris Rugaber (TMF RFK) thinks the bad streak will continue.

After the telco tech tussle, cast your vote for your favorite argument and check out our Duel Flashback feature. This week we take a look back at our cola wars bout when two Fools took on Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO).

The Bull Argument...
Take a good look, ladies and gentlemen. Don't you think this little Lucent microelectronics spin-off -- with $6 billion in sales and an annual growth rate of 39% and increasing -- might be worth a little more than 4.5 times revenues? Like, say, maybe three times this much?
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The Bear Argument...
The communications equipment business is a pretty sweet one to be in these days, but you wouldn't know it from looking at Lucent's stock price or financial results. The company's shares are down almost 40% this year, while frequently mentioned rivals Nortel and Cisco are up 43.6% and 17.3%, respectively.
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The Bull Argument »

 This Week's Duel

  • Introduction
  • The Bull Argument
  • The Bear Argument
  • The Bull Rebuttal
  • The Bear Rebuttal
  • Cast Your Vote!
  • Flashback: Coke

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