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MCK status report Aug 2000

McKesson HBOC status:

Shares Held: 		16
Date Purchased:	13 Jan 99 (merger with HBOC)
HPD paid:   		$ 74.0569 (average)
Currently Trading: 	$ 24 15/16  @ 3:38 pm EST, 16 Aug 2000 
Gain/ Loss:	 	-66.33 % 
Ann. Return/ Loss:	-49.53 % (using the merger date)

Broker Recommendations:  (slightly gaining in broker confidence)
   Strong Buy   		5
   Moderate Buy    	4
   Hold           		9
   Moderate Sell   	0
   Strong          		0

   Mean =                     2.17 (where 1 = buy and 5 = sell).  Same as
last month.

In the news...  first the good news,

A press release issued yesterday stated that McKesson HBOC will be the
primary supplier of branded and generic pharmaceutical products to Brooks
Pharmacy warehouses and store locations. Brooks Pharmacy operates more than
250 stores in six New England states and a distribution center in
Connecticut.   McKessonHBOC anticipates that this agreement will generate
more than $300 million in incremental direct store purchases and $2.4
billion in warehouse sales over the term of the agreement. 

...now the bad news,

The Teamsters have issued a press release on behalf of MCK employees whom
they feel have been victimized by illegal mismanagement business practives
and greedy corporate executive salaries.  They site illegal practives dating
back to 1938, when a former CEO did prison time for lying to auditors about
warehouse inventory.  A leaflet detailing these accusations will be
distibuted to MCK employees by the Teamsters.  

``This is an extreme case of corporate greed and irresponsibility. McKesson
employees are faced with the difficult task of turning the company's
fortunes around while top management is the only McKesson constituency that
gains from the company's collapse,'' said C. Thomas Keegel, International
Brotherhood of Teamsters General Secretary-Treasurer.   ...  ``Apparently
McKesson does not learn from the lessons of the past,'' Keegel said. ``On
top of misleading shareholders with false information, McKesson is still
hiring criminals.''      The criminal reference is to Overnite
Transportation, MCK's transport contractor, as one of the country's most
notorious labor law violators.  Apparently Overnite has a history with the
Teamsters for discriminating against, harassing and intimidating its
workers.       ...sheesh!   

See ya Sunday,

Cheers, Kathe