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Treasurer's Report, August 2000

We've finished paying off Mike, and sent our $50 to the Virginia
Corporation Commission.  Now we can get back to buying stocks!

We have $237.63 in Presidential, and $22.93 in Ameritrade, for a total
of $260.56 in cash.  Our stocks are worth $67,092.51, and valuation
units are $23.743 this month.  I haven't created a page yet to
automatically generate Bivio reports for a given day, so to see the
current Valuation Report, Member Status Report, etc., just go to
http://www.bivio.com/hpd/accounting/reports, and enter the date of this
meeting (8/20/2000).

I moved the woodland.org web site to a new server recently, and rewrote
the Stock Analyzer page so it's a lot faster.  It also no longer
overwrites older Stock Analyzer files when you upload a newer version
for a company you've done before.  I found and restored backup copies of
a few older reports that had been clobbered that way.