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Monthly reports for WHC - APA - UPS

1. Report on Wackenhut Corrections Corporation  (WHC)
August 20, 2000
TO:  HPD Investment Group
FR:  Nancy Montague
For  August meeting

1. (market price/share as of close of market, 8/18/00 - $8 9/16)
Shares owned:  105
Market price:   $899.06
Cost basis:        $1730.13  ($16.48/share, averaged for 
two separate purchases plus commissions)

2. Research - 3 Strong Buy; 2 moderate buy  (unchanged from last month)

3	 from Quarterly report: (Aug. 15, 2000)
	 Two possible increases in expenses:  related to  premium paid by
the Company for general and comprehensive liability insurance under the
liability insurance program maintained by The Wackenhut Corporation ("TWC")
was increased due to an adverse trend in the development of claims
experience;  and "During a period of low unemployment, some facilities may
experience difficulty in finding qualified personnel. This could have an
adverse impact on the Company's results of operations in the event wages and
salaries increase at a faster rate then the per diem or fixed rate received
by the Company for its services. 

3	Note: Press - 
Wednesday August 9, 4:39 pm Eastern Time -Press Release - SOURCE:
Correctional Properties Trust - Proposed Lease Rates on Rivers Correctional
Institution Revised by Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (WCC), Correctional
Properties Trust Announced
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Correctional Properties
Trust (NYSE: a real estate investment trust (REIT), today announced that the
actions previously taken by the Wackenhut Corrections Corporation  Executive
Committee of the Board of Directors, approving rates at which WCC would
lease the Rivers Correctional Institution from Correctional Properties
Trust, were revised by the WCC Board of Directors. 
As opposed to the lease terms approved by the WCC Executive Committee, a
counter proposal was made, revising the lease rates on a GAAP straight-line
basis from 16.2% to 14.4%, which do not satisfy the covenant requirements of
Correctional Properties Trust's Bank Commitment Letter, which has now
expired. These modified lease terms are under evaluation by Correctional
Properties Trust. No assurance can be given that the transactions or the
contemplated expansion of the existing bank credit facility will be


Report on Apache Corporation (APA) -- August 20, 2000
TO:  HPD Investment Group         
FR:  Nancy Montague, For August meeting

1.  (market price/share as of close of market, 8/18/00 - $60 1/16)
Shares owned:  22
Market value:   $1321
Cost basis:        $774     ($35.19/share, inc. commission)
Percent gain:   ___

2.	 Research - 11 Strong Buy; 15 moderate buy; 5 hold  -- the price of
oil is still very high.  OPEC is standing mostly firm, while making some
conciliatory gestures.  . 
Apache Closes on Acquisition of Occidental's Gulf of Mexico Interests 56.8
Million Barrels of Oil Equivalent Purchased For $385 Million
HOUSTON, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Apache Corporation today announced that it
has closed on the previously announced $385 million acquisition of an
Occidental Petroleum subsidiary that owns interests on the Outer Continental
Shelf of the Gulf of Mexico. 
Under the two-part, structured agreement, a portion of the acquisition cost
will be paid in future years. 
The interests comprise properties in 32 fields, half of them operated, on 93
blocks with total proved reserves of 56.8 million barrels of oil equivalent.
Apache estimates net production from the Occidental properties through
yearend to average 107 MMcf of gas per day and 7,800 barrels of oil per day.
The proved reserves have an estimated reserve life of six years. 

Apache sees record return on equity of 18 percent
HOUSTON, Aug 2 (Reuters) - Independent oil company Apache Corp. said
Wednesday it is on track to boost its return on equity to 18 percent. 
The company's return last year was a record 8 percent, spokesman Tony
Lentini said. 
Apache also said its recent sale of 9.2 million common shares raised net
proceeds of $433.9 million to help fund year-2000 acquisitions. 
Including the recently announced acquisition of Occidental Petroleum
interests in the Gulf of Mexico, Apache has announced or completed cash
acquisitions totalling $860 million thus far this year. 
``Annualizing our first-half results, we're on track this year to record an
18 percent return on equity for our shareholders. While prices are not
predictable, with these acquisitions Apache's production growth is assured
through 2001,'' Plank said. 

Report on United Parcel Service (UPS)
August 20, 2000
TO:  HPD Investment Group
FR:  Nancy Montague
For  August meeting

1. (market price/share as of close of market, 8/18/00 - $56 3/16)
Shares owned: 32 @ Market price:   $1968  [purchased March 27]
Cost basis:    [ original price 63  ea] $2024 + $8 commission = $2032 =
$63.5 each
Percent loss: ___

2. Research - 0 Strong Buy; 7 moderate buy   7 Hold

Thursday August 17, 12:38 pm Eastern Time - Press Release - Symantec's John
Thompson Elected to UPS Board of Directors
Eskew Elected Vice Chairman; Regular Dividend Is Declared
CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 17, 2000-- John W. Thompson, the chairman,
president and CEO of Symantec Corp., has been elected to the UPS Board of
Directors, UPS Chairman Jim Kelly announced today. 
The election of Thompson, 51, expands the UPS Board of Directors to 14
members. Thompson was elected by the Board during its regularly scheduled
quarterly meeting and is expected to stand for election by UPS's shareowners
next spring.	 

The Board of Directors also declared a quarterly cash dividend of 17 cents
per share on all outstanding Class A and Class B shares. The dividend is
payable on Sept. 8, 2000, to shareowners of record on Aug. 28, 2000
-  Tuesday August 15 9:48 PM ET -Post Office, Emery Form Parcel Service 
PALO ALTO, Calif. (Reuters) - Cargo shipper Emery Worldwide and the U.S.
Postal Service announced a partnership on Tuesday that will allow businesses
to deliver large items to consumers at their homes. 
The Parcel(at)Home service is expected to benefit firms that ship products
such as computers and other home electronics, to consumers, according to
Emery, a unit of Palo Alto, Calif.-based CNF Inc 
Emery picks up packages from businesses but the Postal Service usually does
not. Conversely, the Postal Service delivers to all homes, while Emery does
not provide such a service. 
Under the partnership, Emery will pick up packages weighing up to 70 pounds
from businesses and, when necessary or requested, complete the delivery
process through the Postal Service network. 
The program is similar to another year-old partnership between the Postal
Service and Airborne Freight Corp, said Helane Becker, an analyst with
Buckingham Research Group. 
``It's an at-home product to deliver product from businesses to consumers,''
she said. She said the Airborne Freight service is geared toward smaller
packages, while the Emery partnership is geared toward larger ones. 
The Emery alliance should not have an immediate impact on other major
package shippers like United Parcel Service Inc. or FDX Corp parent of
FedEx, which have won new business in recent years delivering products
ordered by consumers over the Internet, according to an analyst who did not
want his name used. 
He said that Emery would likely have to add major infrastructure if it
wanted the new partnership to yield major new revenues.