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Minutes from 8-20-00 meeting

HPD Investment Club Minutes from 8-20-00

1. The partnership agreement is going to be re-created minus Mike
2. The group has decided to look into dumping SRV and HBOC and possibly
STPL and selling some CSCO to purchase other high performing stocks that we currently hold.

3. To analyze our portfolio correctly we need to be using two tools:

    a. Portfolio Evaluation Review Technique (PERT)
    b. Portfolio Management Guide

4. Next meeting we will analyze where to make purchases including the 
money recieved from selling off some CSCO. Nancy has done stock analyzers for all of our holdings (Thank
you Nancy!). She is posting them tonight. What is needed is for the assigned people below to due some
extra research for the next meeting to ascertain whether wwe should buy the stock that they are
assigned and why?

    a. Jim - Lucent,Vodaphone, Home Depot
    b. Sharon -  Oracle
    c. Greg - Cisco, Papa John    
    d. Gary - ALZA, Dell
    e. Allan - Dollar General, Robert Half Inc.
    f. Kathy - UPS, WPPGY

5. Next Meeting time and place:   Sharon