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Meeting on September 17

Hello all,

I'm sorry to say I will not be in town for our next meeting on September 17.
I got a job working for the Washington Capitals and they're sending me to
Orlando for 5 days of training.  (OK, so I'm not REALLY sorry I won't be
here).  I'll be on the CAPS crew - the loonies who shoot tee shirts into the
crowd and set up the games during intermission.  I'm angling to repel from
the rafters at some point this year. And no, I'm not quitting my day job.

So you can still have the meeting at my house, but it's probably better to
have it somewhere else. You know, the doors will be locked and you'd have to
break in through a window, or maybe you could hang out on the beautiful back

Have a good day.  Kathe has my proxy.