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Re: Meeting on September 17

I'll volunteer. Meet at my place, same Bat-time.


Ps. Sharon; way cool perfect job. We're happy for you. Congrats also
to Al, I'm gonna have to get to a Caps game.  -G

--- Uliana Sharon C CONT NSSC <UlianaSC@NAVSEA.NAVY.MIL> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm sorry to say I will not be in town for our next meeting on
> September 17.
> I got a job working for the Washington Capitals and they're sending
> me to
> Orlando for 5 days of training.  (OK, so I'm not REALLY sorry I
> won't be
> here).  I'll be on the CAPS crew - the loonies who shoot tee shirts
> into the
> crowd and set up the games during intermission.  I'm angling to
> repel from
> the rafters at some point this year. And no, I'm not quitting my
> day job.
> So you can still have the meeting at my house, but it's probably
> better to
> have it somewhere else. You know, the doors will be locked and
> you'd have to
> break in through a window, or maybe you could hang out on the
> beautiful back
> deck...
> Have a good day.  Kathe has my proxy.
> sharon

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