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CHKP report

Remember everyone: the meeting is at my place (2317 Old Trail), not
Sharons. 5:30 Sunday. 

Come prepared to pick something to buy (remember your homework?
everyone had at least one company to do). See you then.



CHKP report:
Shares Held: 26 (after split)
Date Purchased: 25-Apr-00 
HPD paid: $164.93
Currently Trading: $ 149.75 @ 2:49pm est, 13-Sept-00 
Percentage Gain: 81.59%
Annualized Return: 368.5% -not too relevant because of the short time

Broker Recommendations:
   Strong Buy    13
   Buy            5
   Hold           0
   (Others)       0

In the news: 

Check Point Software, and Intrusion.com announced a partnership to
jointly develop and deliver a new class of low-cost security
appliances targeted at the small and medium business (SMB) market.
The appliances will extend Check Point's Secure Virtual Network (SVN)
architecture to small and medium businesses using Intrusion.com
platforms. The appliances, starting under $2,000, will enable secure
eBusiness connections for small and medium businesses and enterprise
small remote offices. The products can be deployed by customers or by
managed service providers. 

Check Point announced Secure Virtual Network (SVN) Solution Pack for
Startups, bringing enterprise-class security to new Internet
businesses. SVN Solution Pack for Startups is a comprehensive
solution that includes the following Check Point products: 

-VPN-1/FireWall-1 -- protects company resources and secures Internet
-VPN-1 SecureClient -- secures VPN traffic with integrated desktop
    firewall protection
-FloodGate-1 -- delivers reliable Quality of Service for critical
    users and applications
-Reporting Module -- provides powerful security and network usage
-Open Security Extension -- enables policy-based router security
-Software Subscription -- One year software subscription, including

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