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MCK status report Sept 2000

McKesson HBOC status:

Shares Held: 		16
Date Purchased:	13 Jan 99 (merger with HBOC)
HPD paid:   		$ 74.0569 (average)
Currently Trading: 	$ 28   @ 4:53 pm EST, 15 Sept 2000 
Gain/ Loss:	 	-62.19 % 
Ann. Return/ Loss:	-4.07 % (using the merger date)

Broker Recommendations:  (slightly gaining in broker confidence)
   Strong Buy   		5
   Moderate Buy    	4
   Hold           		9
   Moderate Sell   	0
   Strong          		0

   Mean =                     2.17 (where 1 = buy and 5 = sell).  ...same as
last month

In the news...
MCK continues to creep slowly back into favor with top analysts.  Morgan
Stanley Dean Witter just upgraded its ranking as did Lehman Bros.

In other news...
McKesson has initiated a lawsuit against W3Health Corporation allegeing that
W3Health and the individual defendants improperly took trade secret and
proprietary information developed by McKessonHBOC in connection with its
iMcKesson business unit's Clinical Resource Management System (CRMS) and
used that information to develop W3Health's competing DRS software.  

...the continuing saga of uglies with MCK 

See ya Sunday,

Cheers, Kathe