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Use PEGs to help choose a bargain?

At the last meeting, we discussed several stocks to invest in. There were
differences in approaches to picking something. Some wanted to go with
promising stocks that had done well - even if they were near their 52-week
highs, like AES and CHKP. Others favored a bargain hunting strategy: buying
an out-of-favor stock that may be a sound investment, but might have been
overly punished, like MCK: showing signs of coming back.

That Barbash (sp?) guy wrote a column in Sunday's Post about the PEG ratio:
(price to earnings to growth). I've heard and read a lot about the PEG
before, but until now had not really tried to understand it. The PEG is one
better than p/e as a general measure of value. We can discuss the mechanics
and meaning of the PEG at the next meeting (Nancy? or I'll be happy to).
With the market seeming to recover from it's recent slide (or maybe we
haven't hit bottom yet...) it seems like there are some bargains out there.
(personally, DELL, LU and HD strike me as three worth examining).  

The post columnist listed a few places to find a stock's PEG on the web. The
easiest is old.stockselector.com/ (enter ticker, and click "valuations".
Maybe we can add the PEG to the usual standard criteria when we hit "play"
on Sunday.

BTW I'll probably hold off on my AES report by a day or two, as the
quarterly figures are supposed to be released on Thursday. See you at the


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