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Re: CHKP Report

I have to tape a commercial in old town alexandria from 3-6pm on Sunday sorry
for the late notice.


G Gainer wrote:

> Again, with quarterly numbers announced tomorrow, I'll hold off on the AES
> report for a day. Lets buy some bargains this Sunday. See you at Kathe's.
> -G
> ==========================================================================
> CHKP report:
> Shares Held: 34
> Date Purchased: 25-Apr-00
> HPD paid: $99.06 (average)
> Currently Trading: $ 168.25 @ 1:56pm est, 25-Sept-00
> Percentage Gain: 69.85%
> Annualized Return: 387.85% -not so relevant because of the short time held.
> Broker Recommendations:
>    Strong Buy    13
>    Buy            6
>    Hold           0
>    (Others)       0
> In the news:
> Quarterly figures released:
> (18-Oct) Revenues were $116.0 million, compared with $57.8 million for the
> same period in 1999, an increase of 101%. Net income for the quarter was
> $61.6 million, or $0.35 per share (diluted), compared with net income of
> $24.7 million, or $0.15 per share (diluted) for the same period last year.
> This represents an increase of 149% in net income and 133% in earnings per
> share (diluted) over the same period a year ago. Revenues for the first nine
> months of 2000 increased of 88% over the prior year's period. Cash, cash
> equivalents and other interest bearing investments increased by $78.3
> million, totaling $542.6 million.
> Network Computing Magazine calls FireWall-1Ženterprise security one of the
> (ten) ``Most Important Products of the Decade.''
> New Partners and Licensees:
> - Ramp Networks, Inc., Intrusion.com, Inc., Activis, Hitachi Information
> Network (HINET), and Rainfinity, released new products or services utilizing
> VPN-1/FireWall-1; Check Point's Provider-1(TM); or built on OPSEC (Open
> Platform for Security) Certification
> - Check Point, and Broadcom Corp. announced a strategic partnership: Check
> Point's Secure Virtual Network (SVN) architecture for Internet security and
> Broadcom's CryptoNET(TM) family of high-performance security processors will
> merge for real-time secure eBusiness at rates ranging from T3 (45 Megabits
> per second to multi-Gigabits per second.
> For the third consecutive year, Check Point will co-sponsor network security
> for InteropNet Event Network (eNet) at NetWorld+Interop.
> Nice Motley Fool write up on Inet Security Companies: They say Check Point
> "appears to be a strong, emerging Rule Maker" see more at:
> http://www.fool.com/research/2000/foolsden001003.htm?ref=yhoolnk
> First Union Securities initiated coverage of CHKP with a "Buy" Also, It
> appeared that Sands Brothers downgraded CHKP based on earnings numbers, but
> forgot to account for the 2:1split earlier this year. They quietly withdrew
> their downgrade announcement a day later. Idiots.
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