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MCK status report - Oct 00

McKesson HBOC status: 

Shares Held:        16 
Date Purchased:     13 Jan 99 (merger with HBOC) 
HPD paid:               $ 74.0569 (average) 
Currently Trading:  $ 26 5/16  @ 8:53 pm EST, 25 Oct 2000 
Gain/ Loss:         -64.47 % 
Ann. Return/ Loss:  -44.02 % (using the merger date) 

(not much change from last month) 

Broker Recommendations:  (slightly gaining in broker confidence) 
   Strong Buy       5 
   Moderate Buy     5 
   Hold             6 
   Moderate Sell        0 
   Strong           0 

   Mean =         2.00 (where 1 = buy and 5 = sell).  ...up slightly from 
last month when the mean was 2.11

In the news... 

The sllllloooowwwwww recovery of MCK continues....
The Board of Directors at its meeting today declared a regular dividend of 
six cents per share on the Common Stock payable January 2, 2001, to 
shareholders of record on December 1, 2000. 

MCK was upgraded this date by Merrill Lynch, however, MCK reported 
disappointing second-quarter earnings on Tuesday of $0.22 per share, which 
were two cents shy of Zacks consensus estimates. 

See ya Sunday, 
Cheers, Kathe