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HPD meeting agenda for Sun

HPD Investment Group LP 
Meeting Agenda 

29 Oct 2000 - 5:30 PM 

Kathe's house  (703/ 941-0417)  
4753 Kandel Ct, Annandale, VA  22003 

Approval of Minutes 
from 17 Sept 2000 - additions, corrections 

Standing Reports 
Treasurer's report - balance and holdings 
Current holdings - annual reports due this month  

Old Business 
Brokerage changeover to AMEX 
Portfolio evaluation, diversification 
3 way calling test! 

New Business 
Economic Report 
    Anyone care to offer a brief description of what is going on in the 
Stock Reports 
Industry/ stock research presentations (biotech, t-com, etc) 
Sell / Purchase Decisions 
Presentations for Next Month 
    (education / industry review / economic report) 
     Using PEGs to value bargains 
Guest questions

Checks to Nancy 
Next meeting time and place