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staples report

Staples Report

Shares Held: 109
Date Purchased:  09/09/99
HPD paid:   $27.60 per share; $3,008.81
Currently Trading: $15.63 (9/15/2K)    11.44
Percentage Gain: -58.55%
Annualized Return: -54.05%

Broker Recommendations:
   Strong Buy      8
   Buy             3
   Hold            3
   Sell            0
   Strong Sell     0
   Consensus  1.61

GoAmerica and Staples have teamed to provide customers
wireless internet access.  This is being offered in 100
stores across the nation.

Staples is adopting Pitney Bows PBship software.  This software
is designed to expedited letter and package shipping for large
enterprises. For example, "PBship helps retail counter employees
quickly compare shipping services to offer customers the most
cost-effective alternative."

"Staples Inc. has made a major investment in Belgium by locating
a call center and a distribution center and its European
headquarters in that country"  This site was chosen because it is
within 200 miles of many major european cities.

NationTax Online and Staples have teamed to help businesses
file their taxes on line.  "The Nationtax Network provides a
simple, efficient and accurate alternative to conventional tax
filing methods. It simplifies the filing process and substantially
reduces filing errors by automatically calculating tax fees based
on the most current rates, and by providing secure electronic funds
transmission. Unlike conventional paper filing which can take 45-60
minutes per form to prepare, Web-based business tax filing takes
less than five minutes and virtually eliminates errors, thereby
saving businesses time while avoiding penalty fees."

"With just an Internet connection and a Web browser -- no s
oftware required -- business tax filers of all corporate sizes can
log on to http://www.staples.com/solutionscenter and file sales
and use tax, income tax withholding and other state and local
business taxes in 15 states."

"Staples to Open a New Customer Service Center Operation in
Saskatchewan, Canada; Call Center Will Create 600 New Jobs Over
the Next Four Years."