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Treasurer's Report, October 2000

We have $537.63 in Presidential and $14.88 in Ameritrade, for a total of
$552.51 cash.  Our stock portfolio is worth $60,502.30, versus from
$69,104.39 last month.  Ouch!

Valuation units are $21.1264, down 13.6% from last month.  That's about
the same as the NASDAQ's performance this month, not surprising given
our asset allocation.

We got rid of SRV and WHC, and bought more CHKP and AES.  Our 2 shares
of CNDO are going to be reabsorbed into AZA, but we got another sub-$100
holding from Lucent in the  Avaya spin-off.  We hold 3 shares of AV, and
got $11.66 for the 3/4 share.

Yahoo's club portfolios are screwed up again, but Bivio is up to date.
You can always get a current valuation report from