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HPD minutes

Minutes from last night's HPD meeting..

Meeting minutes; here's what I rememeber:

-Three way calling worked (faintly), will try better phone in the future.

-Past meeting's minutes were dispensed with

-Treasurers report, ~500- in presidential...

-Agreed to table decisions on possibly switching brokerages for one month;
to look into options, feedback from AmX customers, Gomez, etc. 

-Agreed to buy $1,000 of DELL as soon as checks clear.

-PEG discussed as a metric of valuation for stocks.

-Action Items for next month's meeting:
-Agreed to look into BioTechs for the November meeting. Joe and Sean have
done some work and will email their findings. The rest of us will
investigate other stocks to present at the November meeting...

-Agreed to look at alternative energy stocks for the December meeting
(solar, micro turbine, fuel cell, other?).

-Guests Jamie Wise and Bruce Baker attended the meeting.

-HPD officers elections next month 

-Next meeting will be 5:30pm (19-November) at Greg Gainer's house