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RE: next HPD meeting

I may have a conflict on the 19th but I absolutely have a conflict on the
12th and will be out of town.


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From: Larkin Kathleen A CONT NSSC [mailto:LarkinKA@NAVSEA.NAVY.MIL]
Sent: Monday, November 06, 2000 10:15 AM
To: 'hpd@woodland.org'
Subject: next HPD meeting

Hey All,

The next HPD meeting date was changed from 12 Nov to 19 Nov (still at Greg's
house).   Is this convenient for most everyone?  If not, please send me an
email if this presents a conflict for you.

Otherwise, see you all at 5:30 on the 19th at Greg's house.

Also, I have checked gomez.com for info regarding Amex.  They have noted the
change in pricing policy, but still give Amex good reviews.  No other
negatives were identified.  I couldn't find another broker with better cost,
service, etc.

Thx, K

Kathleen Larkin
NAVSEA Enterprise Operations
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