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Mail your check now -- avoid the rush!

Hi all,
I fully intend to be at Sunday's meeting, but following last month's delay
of the deposit, I am offering a possible response -- 

Those who usually mail their checks can always send them early.  I can
either deposit them immediately or hold them if requested -- as long as I am
home, it is very easy for me to get to the bank.  

Since the week after the meeting includes Thanksgiving, if we think we're
going to buy anything, the sooner I get the money into the bank account the
sooner it will be available to transfer to Ameritrade.  Even local checks
take time to clear (the exception to that rule is for those who have
Presidential accounts -- that transfer is immediate.)

In fact, anyone can mail me their check, but please let me know if you do so
I'll know to expect it.  

My address is:

Nancy Montague
1050 N. Taylor St.   #308
Arlington, VA  22201

I am going out of town for Thanksgiving, so anything I don't get by
Wednesday, November 22 won't get deposited until the following week.

See you Sunday at Greg's.