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Nov Agenda

Hi Everyone!  

Below is the agenda for this Sunday.  Come prepared to buy this something
this month, there's lots of bargains out there!  Also, we'll be discussing
elections on Sunday!  ...sheesh!  Whuda thought we have our election while
still waiting on the presidential results!  Please, if you are unable to
attend this month, give your proxy to someone prior to the start of the
meeting.   Otherwise, see you on Sunday! 

Cheers, K
HPD Investment Group LP
Meeting Agenda

19 Oct 2000 - 5:30 PM

Greg's house  (703/ 476-4636
2317 Old Trail Drive
Reston, VA  22091

Approval of Minutes 
from 29 Oct 2000 - additions, corrections

Standing Reports
Treasurer's Report - balance and holdings 
Current holdings reports - annual reports due this month: 
     LU (Jim), RHI (Al)

Old Business
Brokerage changeover to AMEX 
Portfolio evaluation, diversification 

New Business
Economic Report - 
     Anyone care to offer an opinion of our current economic condition?
Stock Reports - Industry/ stock research presentations (biotech, alternate
Sell / Purchase Decisions 
Presentations for Next Month 
    (education / industry review / economic report / annual reports due next
Guest questions 

Checks to Nancy
Next meeting time and place

Kathleen Larkin 
NAVSEA Enterprise Operations
703.602.4111, x312
Teleos 319.312#
Pager 888.319.0577