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Treasurer's Report, November 2000

We have $647.63 in Presidential and $60.42 in Ameritrade, for a total of
$708.05 in cash.  Our stocks are worth $61,446.44, and valuation units
are $21.1229 -- about the same as last month.

Thanks to your treasurer's procrastination, we ended up getting some
more DELL near its low (see
http://www.woodland.org/hpd/archive/2000/msg00255.html).  It's up a buck
or so since then.

Crescendo was re-absorbed into Alza last week, and we got $40.54 in cash
for our shares.  Alza also did a two-for-one split, giving us a total of
82 shares.  Our smallest holding now is Avaya, three shares of which
were spun off at us by Lucent.  Market value: $39.19.

All the numbers are at Bivio: