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bargains, questions...

Anybody else wishing they had a nice pile of cash to buy some bargains?
There is real blood in the streets. The techs are taking a particularly bad
beating. Nasdaq was below 2550 earlier! I want to buy biotechs, but LU,
DELL, and CHKP seem like better bargains. Would anyone want to put off
biotechs yet another month, and focus on bargain hunting this next meeting?
Just a suggestion. Does Kathe make this call? - or the as-yet unelected
President-elect? Does that person run the December meeting? I'm sure it is
these uncertainties that are causing our stocks to lose value!  

Also, If Al is leaving, is the December meeting the one where his
shares/valuation gets locked, and we pay or start to pay January? I'd like
to know *if* we can buy anything. Maybe Joe can move funds from Presidential
to Ameritrade before the meeting. Maybe we should think of anything we want
to sell…?

Also, we're having (email) elections in the next week or so, right? Should
the vote counter be someone not running for any office - to avoid
appearances of potential impropriety? No election jokes - I'm too burnt out

Let's hit play!


Ps. Fool's relatively positive perspective on Dell:

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