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RE: Modified HPD Agreement

Looks good to me...

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From: Montague, Nancy [mailto:Nancy.Montague@nreca.org]
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2000 6:34 PM
To: 'hpd@woodland.org'
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Subject: Modified HPD Agreement

 <<HPD Investment Group agreement 3rd draft.doc>>   

Hello all, this is a slightly modified Club Partnership Agreement that I
want to propose we adopt on Sunday (or as soon as we can get all the

If Al is truly leaving, while we will miss him, we do need to follow the
procedures and form a new partnership for our own protection.

The changes are all in red on the first page -- Effective Date; electronic
participation can count for a quorum; and an addition in the means of
granting a proxy -- we either have to tighten up our actual practices or
loosen the agreement slightly.

These are proposals.  If people want to make other suggestions or have
questions, please let me know.

See you Sunday.