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Re: Hi Allan

Kathe and HPD Club Members:

Regrettably, I really do have to leave the club, and I would appreciate the most
expeditious payout possible.

With my schedule getting busier and busier I do not have time to focus on
anything other than my work life (including comedy gigs out of town) and
family.  I am sorry for any inconvenience my leaving the club will cause, but I
would really appreciate a schedule of the payout plan as well (for my financial
planning reasons).

Thanks so much.


Larkin Kathleen A CONT NSSC wrote:

> Hi Allan,
> I imagine alot is going on in your life now, but I was wondering if you had
> given any thought to recanting your intention to leave HPD.  Certianly, you
> know you'll be missed by all and I think each one of us would like to talk
> you out of this decision.  So without being too pesky, I just wanted to
> remind you that HPD meets this Sun, 5:30 pm at Jim's house and of course
> you're welcome to show up and change your mind if you choose.  Whichever you
> decide, my thoughts are with you.  Hope all is well.  Please keep in touch.
> Cheers,
> Kathe
> Kathleen Larkin
> LarkinKA@navsea.navy.mil
> NAVSEA Enterprise Operations
> 703.602.4111, x312
> Teleos 319.312#
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